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Powerful Engine Options

The Transit offers two high-powered engines for you to choose from. So whether it's the new standard 3.5L PFDI V6 engine or the available upgraded 3.5L ECOBOOST® V6*, Transit has the power to get the job done. Partner either of them with a new 10-speed automatic transmission and you’ve got a vehicle that’s more than capable for the job ahead.

*3.5L ECOBOOST® engine is only available with Ambulance Prep Pack

Ford Transit Van Rear
Range of GVWR and Payload Ratings

Configure a Transit to match your business needs across a wide range of gross vehicle weight and payload ratings in single- and dual-rear-wheel models. GVWRs range from 3900 Kg to 4309 Kg. Maximum payloads for less body weight are 1542 Kg to 1914 Kg.

Room and strength for all your cargo

Maximize cargo space to carry large volumes and heavy payloads up to 1914 kg[3]. With three roof height options, you have the flexibility to carry goods with a height of up to 2,070 mm[3]. The cargo box floor is flat with the length of up to 4374 mm[3], with near-vertical sides for maximum usable space. it also features multiple tie-down loops to help you secure your load in place quickly and easily.

31-Gallon Tank

The only thing better than the available 31-gallon tank is the second wind you get after filling it.

Doors you can customize

Configure the cargo doors to suit your requirements with a single passenger-side door or dual sliding side doors1. The swing-out rear cargo doors check at 90° and can be opened to a full 180° with a regular wheelbase (RWB) or 237° with the long wheelbase (LWB and LWB Extended length)1.

Back out of tight spots with ease

Transit's Rear View Camera makes backing up easy. It displays a full-color image on the screen, with guidelines to indicate where the vehicle is headed based on the position of your steering wheel.

Alternate fuel Options

The CNG/ Propane Gaseous Engine prep Pack allows your Transit to run on compressed natural gas (CNG), propane auto gas, or as a bi-fuel vehicle with the ability to switch between CNG or propane and gasoline 2.

Ford Transit 2022 Commercial Vehicle